Buying and Selling Property

Los Angeles Buying & Selling Property Lawyers
Lawyers for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

When you are buying or selling property in California, the best way to protect your interests is to work with an experienced attorney. While realtors are aware of the paperwork involved in a transaction — like the purchase agreement and other related documents — they do not know the law. Only experienced real estate attorneys are equipped to help you avoid litigation to enforce your rights while maximizing the benefits to you in the transaction.

At the Los Angeles law firm of the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., our partners use almost a century of combined experience to help our clients gain an advantage in commercial and residential real estate transactions. We represent Californians and clients worldwide in both buying and selling California property, no matter what the size of the property, from condominiums to large shopping centers and everything in between.

In addition to our role as your lawyers, our partners are also licensed California real estate brokers. This helps us understand the process from an agent’s perspective as well as from a lawyer’s. We make sure that you receive accurate advice on important matters related to selling or buying property, no matter what the size of the property:

  • Getting the proper disclosures
  • Reviewing the escrow
  • Negotiating special terms for the purchase or sale agreement
  • Financing and insurance matters
  • Reviewing titles and underlying documents
  • Reviewing agents’ agreements

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Sadly, many people who visit our law firm do so too late to prevent a real estate conflict. The best time to talk with an attorney is before conflict arises, i.e. when you begin the process of buying or selling real estate. To schedule a consultation with the lawyers at the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., call us at 310-824-0467 or complete our online form.