Probate Without a Will

Probate and Dying Without a Will
Did Your Loved One Die Without Leaving a Will?

As many as 66 percent of Americans die without a will (intestate). When this happens, loved ones face the difficult task of sorting the affairs and distributing assets without direction. Additionally, the estate may go through probate, leaving the state to decide who should inherit the assets. Many end up in probate litigation.

At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we work closely with our clients to help them reach favorable solutions to their estate administration concerns. We can assist them in meeting their legal obligations after a family member passes away and guide them through the estate administration process. Our lawyers understand that we need to protect our clients’ interests.

Intestate Probate: More Than Just Asset Distribution

Intestate succession, the probate which is the result of dying without a will, is more than deciding who gets what. It often involves a range of issues that a loved one failed to address before passing away. When a client comes to our office, we sit down with him or her to go over several important matters:

  • Is the title clear on the decedent’s property? If not, this needs to be addressed before it can be sold or transferred to a family member.
  • Are all the assets in order, or are there hidden bank accounts?
  • Did the decedent have an informal will or make his or her wishes for the estate known verbally?

Our objective is to resolve the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible so you can move forward.

Los Angeles Law Firm Helping You to Avoid Probate Hassles

Dying without a will leaves the asset distribution decisions in the state’s hands. Family members who you had little contact with may inherit the assets you worked your entire life to build. Working with an experienced attorney can help ensure your asset distribution wishes are met after your death.

At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we work with clients to protect their interests using a variety of estate planning tools, from simple wills to a complex network of trusts and asset protection plans. Let us help you preserve your assets for the people who you want to receive them in the future.

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