Planning for Unmarried Couples

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples in Los Angeles

The law does not always provide unmarried couples with the protections offered to married couples. Nor does it favor beloved friends and caretakers over direct family members. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney for unmarried couples in Los Angeles is the best step toward putting those protections in place.

Attorneys for Domestic Partner Agreements

At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we work with domestic partners and couples in nonmarital relationships, as well as clients who wish to provide for a friend or caretaker. We meet the unique needs of our clients by working closely with them — explaining their rights and legal plan in plain English, not legalese.

We Will Help You Create an Estate Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Our in-depth knowledge of tax, real estate and estate planning strategies also helps unmarried couples plan for their future. Our attorneys utilize a variety of strategies to help unmarried couples and domestic partners, like creating:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Healthcare directives
  • Wills and trusts that recognize your loved one
  • Co-tenant agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

These documents help protect you and the person you care about in case of illness or at the end of life. We also prepare agreements to ensure that both people can protect personal assets and be protected from the other’s pre-existing debts. For married couples, we prepare premarital agreements and postnuptial agreements.

Unmarried Couples: Estate Planning Is Critical

It is especially important for unmarried couples to have the proper wills and trusts in place if they wish to leave things to their loved ones. Without a will, the estate may go through the probateprocess allowing the state to decide who is going to receive the property. Without proper estate planning, property may be given to parents, brothers and sisters, or even unknown relatives. The survivor of an unmarried couple may not have any right to inherit from the loved one’s estate.

Now is the time to protect your loved ones. Please contact the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C. to learn about our unmarried couples estate planning services. We will help protect your interests.

Contact a California Domestic Partner Agreements Lawyer

When you visit our Los Angeles law office, we start with simple questions: What do you want to do? What are your goals? At the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we take the time to listen to you and to talk with you in plain English, not legalese. Our lawyers work closely with you to develop a plan for protecting you and your loved ones. To get started, schedule a consultation with the lawyers at the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C. Call us at 310-824-0467 or complete our online form.