Pet Trusts

Los Angeles, California, Pet Trust Attorneys

Every animal owner understands the close bond that people have with their pets. Just as a parent wishes to ensure that children are cared for after their death, an animal owner desires the same. They wish to supply uninterrupted care for their dog, cat, or other pet after their death by creating a pet trust as part of their estate plan. At the Los Angeles, California, law firm of the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C., we help pet owners ensure the protection of their beloved animals.

In recent years, people have increasingly created pet trusts to provide for their pet after their death. The death of Leona Helmsley made the news when it was found she created a large trust for her pet. Our lawyers have almost a century of experience behind them and understand the importance of creating a comprehensive estate plan. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about creating a pet trust for your animal.

Pet trusts are unique legal tools that allow you to appoint a caretaker, also called a trustee, to care for your pet after you die. You fund the trust with money that the trustee will use to care for your pet and compensate the trustee for his or her efforts.

Do not think that just because you included your pet in your will you have provided it with adequate protection. It is imperative that you create a pet trust, or pet protection plan, to ensure that your pet receives proper care after your death. A pet trust will ensure that your pet receives the proper:

  • Medical Care
  • Food and Nourishment
  • Housing
  • Kennel Care

Ensure your pets receive proper care after your death by speaking to an attorney about creating a pet trust. To learn more, contact the Westwood Village law firm the Law Office of Hugh Duff Robertson P.C. for an initial consultation.